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Best Hoverboard under 300

If you are searching for the best hoverboard to present a surprise gift or for your kid a birthday gift? If yes, you are here at right place. Here we are going to discuss in detail some best hoverboards under $300.

Our team reviewed more than 70 products and composed a list of best budget hoverboards considering all the features offered by different manufacturers. All these hoverboard models are equally best for kids, children, teenagers and adults. Also, these self-balancing scooter boards come with different riding modes suitable for both beginners and professional riders as well.

Here in this review guide, we are going to discuss in detail, what hoverboards are? Main and important features to look before buying, usage of hoverboards these days. All these questions with a lot of other features and details are discussed below.

Hoverboards are nothing but one kind of new model vehicle made with two wheels, commonly known as self-balancing scooters. Yes, hoverboards are a vehicle made with two-motorized wheels, foot pads for standing but with gyroscopic balancing and speed control technology. The rider controls the speed by leaning forward or backwards by twisting pads with foot pressure. Some additional features have also been added by many companies like LED lights, Bluetooth speakers, Smartphone application and much more to make this commute more attractive. And, of course, these additional features have a direct impact on the budget/cost of the hoverboards.

Benefits of Self-Balancing Scooters(Hoverboard)

As we mentioned above these self-balancing boards are one of the modern age vehicles, Yes, these boards are some kind of modern device being used by individuals for recreational exercises and transportation. Hoverboards are one of the cheapest, budget-friendly and Eco-friendly mode to move from one place to another. It also saves time, petrol and most importantly cheap, saving dollars. So summarizing all, we can define it one of the best budget-friendly transport for personal use. Visit for Best Hoverboard Under 200 $.

Best Hoverboards under $300.

Self-balancing scooters, in present era are available in a variety of models, with different price tags, some additional amazing features and many attractive colors. Hoverboards, self-balancing scooters, available in market can be categorized in many price ranges. Most models are available in $100-$200-$300; others can be categorized with average price tags of $300, $400, $500. Most modern models being manufactured these days with some additional features, come with higher prices even more than $1000.

All these self-balancing scooter boards listed in our review guide are best with features, competitive prices and suitable for all age groups. Another best thing about these hoverboards is, all these would probably suit beginners as well. Below is a list of 8 top and best hoverboards under $300.

1. Swagboard Pro T1- Your Swag under Best Budget

The brand,Swagtron is one of the best brands in the hoverboard industry. Here we are going to discuss first-ever UL certified hoverboard, one of the best under $300, cheap hoverboard Swagboard T1 pro, with very impressive features offered by Swagtron.

Key Features:

  • SentryShield: This system provides multi-layered protections against explosions
  • Range: Covers around 11 mile o distance in a single charge.
  • Weight: This hoverboard weighs only 23 lbs making it great for travelling.
  • Suitable for All Ages: Quite strong body, it’s maneuvering in tight spaces and safety measures make this board suitable for kids, youngsters and office commuters.

This self-balancing scooter comes with advanced technology, well built, slick exterior design. It suits all age groups because of its wider colour options.

One of the best thing about this hoverboard under 300 dollars is; it can be used as a regular commute because of its traction.  Its gear stabilization technology will provide better traction even if you are riding downhill with much better overall control. This best hoverboard is equipped with 250 watts powerful motor that is enough to handle inclines up to 30 degrees easily. So you can use this board in some kind of hilly areas.

Moreover, when we reviewed its manoeuvring, we were amazed to know, this best cheap hoverboard is capable of making a complete 360-degree rotation, which makes it feasible for tight spaces as well. Its anti-skid foot pads will ensure your firm grip during the ride.

Swagboard T1 pro is suitable for all age groups because the weight-bearing capacity is ideal which ranges between 44 lbs to 220 lbs and can gain a maximum speed of 8 mph. Total weight of this board is just around 23 lbs that makes it ideal for travelling.

SentryShield smart battery management system provide protection against fire, overheating and explosions in case of battery failure. The 36V battery comes with a fast-charging system which requires about 1.5 hours to get fully charged. This best cheap hoverboard covers a distance of 11 miles in a single charge.

When we look at lights, LED headlights have been used with battery power indicators.

Some other basic and useful features include a quite strong body with its aluminium 6.5-inch wheels, safe stopping feature with two riding modes, also equipped with rubber bumpers providing some extra safety.

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  • UL 2271/UL 2272 Certified
  • Speed range is very impressive
  • The battery takes less time to recharge
  • Handling capacity is excellent
  • Come with two modes including learning mode.
  • SentryShield Protection
  • Smart range of colors
  • No Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity
  • Built in speakers are not there
  • Lacks water resistant quality


2. HOVERZON S- UL 2272 Certified under $300.

Hoverzon offered, this self balancing scooter in cheap price tag, with lots of best featured qualities. It supports 220 lbs weight with maximum of 8 miles per hour speed and with 11 miles of distance coverage in single a charge. Another point to be noted-its total weight is quite low making it a best option for travelling.

Hoverzon S self-balancing best budget scooter come with LED light indicators that will show you the power left in battery. Also equipped with LED-Headlights making it possible for you to go through darker areas.

When it comes to safety, this hoverboard has got UL 2272 certificate after going through some necessary electrical safety tests.

Moreover, this Hoverzon S hoverboard comes with two riding modes making it suitable for beginners as well. Two gyroscopic motors are being used to maintain dynamic equilibrium. Because it is self-balancing board, you can control the board easily by shifting your weight on footpads while you turn or change direction from left to right. There is a gear stabilization that can be used for better control at a higher speed.

For making your ride safer Hoverzon used agie-armour technology in the battery to protect any kind of explosion in the battery. This system will also protect the battery from external damage or short-circuiting that makes this balancing scooter fireproof. So you can ride this hoverboard without any fear of catching fire or overheat. Also, the battery management system used in this hoverboard improves the performance of the battery.

This best hoverboard for dollar 300 is equipped with 6.5-inch wheels that are made with sturdy rubber and sleek aluminium making this hoverboard more attractive. The footpads used are also anti-skid ensuring firm grip during high-speed rides.

We can say this is the best choice for both beginners and experienced riders because these hoverboards come with two-speed modes.

Horizon S is available in five different colours making it possible to choose one that matches your style and personality.


Summarizing above discussion we can say Hoverzon S-hoverboard may be the best choice. The wide colour range and two riding modes make this choice great for beginners and kids as well, in cheap price tag.

But there are some setbacks that you should also keep in mind, the main set back is lack of Bluetooth option and some problems with motors and also may feel difficulty in charging.

So before going to purchase hoverboard in cheap price, keep these setbacks in mind.



  • Two-speed modes
  • Different color options
  • Durable enough
  • UL 2272 certified
  • Attractive design
  • Max speed 8 mph
  • Lack of Bluetooth
  • Some issues with charging


3. Hovertrax 2.0-Kid’s Best Hoverboard under 300 Dollars.

In electric product recreation Razor has a very good reputation and the quality hoverboard is one of those high-quality creations. The sales of Hovertrax 2.0 represent the popularity of this hoverboard and a large number of reviews showing well how some people are enjoying rides.

Some of the key features which make this hoverboard so popular are described under.

Key Features:

  • Training/Learning Mode: For beginners and kids this hoverboard is equipped with an invaluable training mode to learn to ride and balancing easily.
  • Style and Safety Aspects: LED light bar and silicone fender bumpers add more style and safety.
  • Battery Swapping:The battery of this hoverboard can be swapped easily when you are enjoying your ride with friends and will take not more than a minute

Hovertrax 2.0 hoverboard with 300 dollars budget is an ideal and great choice for kids because of its training mode and for easier mounting, these are equipped with auto levelling technology. The training mode is invaluable for those who are just new to the hoverboard and going to start their first ride. This is not a thing required for a long time because most of the beginners find it easy to control and move with their directions.

Moreover, another plus point of this best hoverboard is, its LED lights those are attractive and also being used for safety aspects. The lights on the front of this best cheap priced hoverboards are used for throttle control indication while the lights on the top indicate the current battery level to keep you informed about power left in the battery.

And when it comes to the ride for a single battery charge, in ideal conditions you can continue your ride as long as for 12 miles or about 60 minutes of time easily. The Lithium-ion battery takes about 2 hours to get fully charged. And another plus point about its battery is that it can be swapped easily with a spare battery to continue your ride. Also, good news for this hoverboard pricing under $300 is that swapping battery option is not that available with all boards for sale in the market.

Moreover, the top speed for this kid-friendly hoverboard is 8 mph with UL 2272 safety certification which make this self-balancing scooter even more safer.

Moreover, another good news about this best beginner hoverboard is that it provides a smooth ride and thanks to its well made 6.5 inches rubber tires with aluminum hub. It also runs over uneven surfaces for kids but heavier riders may face some difficulties.

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Final Words About Hoverzon-S

All of us love a hoverboard with nice good looking shapes and designs but looks are nothing if the ride is not joyful. Luckily the compact design of this Hovertrax 2.0 gives it more sporty look compared to some models in the market.

It feels great with effective anti-slip foot pads and responds nicely to control.

It is one the best hoverboards under limited budget with lots of reviews and you can choose this product for youngsters and even elders can enjoy rides(best priced for all age groups).


  • Ever balance technology
  • Training and standard modes
  • Lithium-ion battery (swappable)
  • Long distance range
  • Eco friendly
  • Anti slip foot pads
  • Takes a little bit longer to master


Final words-best hoverboard under $300

The demand and popularity of hoverboards are very high these days. To enjoy your leisure time with comfort, these cheap and best hoverboards under $300 mentioned above are top class.

Of course, hoverboard models mentioned above have some drawbacks as well, but considering the price range, we can say the drawbacks are not enough to overcome the plus points and advantages best hoverboards for kids and beginners.

All models chosen by our team are well-designed and appealing. These all are fireproof with UL safety certification offering high-quality safety options at cheap price tags, best hoverboard under $300.

Because these hoverboards are excellent and outstanding with appealing designs available at cheap prices. Choose the best one that appeals you to start enjoying with something unique, different and classy.

So I think, after reading the above reviews and guide, you have got some clear idea to select the best hoverboard that suits all of your family.

Stay Blessed..!


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