Titan Girls Flower Princess BMX Bike

Titan Girl's Flower Princess BMX Bike

The Titan Girls Flower Princess BMX Bike is a pink bike that features a flower design throughout the bike. This bike also has a boll seat behind the driver’s seat and a basket on the handlebars. This BMX style bike has a white frame with pink accents, including a pink seat, grips on the handlebar, streamers, and portions of the body of the bike are all in pink.

The bike is a 1-speed bike that is 9 inches high and its seat is adjustable. It solid frame is made of steel, and the pedals, doll seat, and streamers are plastic. The full bike dimensions are 38.0 “L x 22.0″H and the maximum weight for this bike is 65 pounds. This bikes specification say that it is designed for a girl up to 9 years old. The wheels are 16 inches high and it comes with training wheels.

Titan Girls Flower Princess BMX Bike Features

  • Size is 16 Inch
  • Color is Pink
  • Frame material is Steal
  • Biggers and Coster Bike
  • Best Seat Setting as per Need


Check Pirce


Purchasing a girls bicycle is a great investment and the length of time that this bike will last versus its price makes it a rare find. This bicycle is moderately priced under $200.


Little girl’s bikes usually last only for a year and then normally have to be replaced because they have outgrown their bikes. This bike has a sturdy solid steel frame. This little bike is built to last your little girl for at least 4 or 5 years.


When looking for a children’s bike one of the best things you can do is get a bike that is light enough for them to maneuver. This bike is only 27 pounds and easy for a little girl to balance. If you have a child that is learning to ride there is no need to worry that she won’t be able to balance this bike because it is not heavy like some of its counterparts.


To make sure this bike is the right size for your little princess you will want to make sure that both her feet touch the ground when she sits on the seat. It has an adjustable saddle seat that allows you to adjust the seat according to your child’s height. So whether your child is tall or short this bike can accommodate her.

This bike is great for a child that is 3 to maybe 8 years old, unlike the specifications say. A 9-year-old maybe a little tall for this bike; unless you have a shorter 9-year-old, you will need a taller bike. If your child has hit the 4-foot mark this bike is too short.


This bike does not come equipped with hand brakes, but it has rear coaster brakes. Coaster brakes are a rear brake mechanism on a bicycle. In order to engage the brakes, your child will need to pedal backwards.


This is a starter bike so it is not complicated and simple to manoeuvre. This is a 1-speed bike. It comes complete with training wheels that can be adjusted or removed once your child masters riding their bike.

Getting the Best Ride Titan Girls Flower Princess BMX Bike

If your child is just learning to ride or is still pretty new to riding a bicycle this bike is a perfect starter bike. Between the age of 3 and 8 children love imaginary play; and what is more satisfying to a little girl than being able to give their dolly a ride on their bike. This cute little bike has so many dainty little features like multicoloured streamers, a basket to keep other items, and stickers that proclaim flower princess make this a sure-fire girls bike. Across the body of the bike the Titan name is displayed but if you look closely across the bike chain cover the words “flower princess” is on the cover. The basket also has daisy embellishments. The tires on this bike are a purple colour, and the main base colours are white with pink, yellow, and purple embellishments throughout the bike.

Pros and Cons

  • Most children’s bikes of this calibre come with hand brakes if you have a child that is just learning to ride falling maybe one of their chief concerns; without a hand, brake to stop this bike maybe a little intimidating to a little girl that is just starting out.
  • The age group recommended on this bike does leave some concerns; this bike is definitely too small for a child that is 9 years old.
  • The design of this bike may also be considered a little too childish for a 9-year-old.
  • You won’t want to buy this bike for your 9-year-old at all unless your 9-year-old is shorter in stature and is still into younger designs.
  • If you have an experienced bike rider and usually by the age of 4 or 5 kids are, then you can definitely introduce the backpedalling coaster brakes.
  • A child that is used to riding their bike will not be intimidated by learning to backpedal. Also if your child is still learning to ride and using the training wheels then braking does not become an issue at all.
  • If your stop pedalling a bike that has training wheels installed the training wheels provide the necessary balance so the bike does not fall over.
  • This bike is also geometrically sound meaning that it’s really easy to manoeuvre.
  • This bike has a longer wheelbase and top tube which provides a lower centre of gravity making this bike geometrically designed correctly.
  • All around your little girl will enjoy this bike.

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