Strider 12 Classic No-Pedal Balance Bike

Strider 12 Classic

Is your child showing an interest in learning how to ride a bike? Well, you won’t have to be nervous about purchasing something that might be unfit for them. Perhaps you should take a look at Strider bikes. More specifically, the Strider 12 Classic No-Pedal Balance Bike. It’s the perfect choice for starting your children’s riding lessons, especially if it’s at a significantly young age.

Strider balance bikes is the leader when it comes to providing a helping hand to children wanting to learn how to ride on two wheels. The Strider 12 Classic is a lightweight build, suitable for children as young as 18 months. The bike’s design allows children to safely straddle the bike, ensuring that both feet are planted on the ground and properly propelled.

The 12 Classic is designed with natural methods in mind, focusing on balance and steering without the added distraction of training wheels or pedals. In fact, these bikes have even been proven to increase your children’s balance in a way that’s both fun and engaging.

Makes A Safe Way to Learn How to Ride

The Strider 12 Classic is capable of allowing children to experience what it’s like to ride a two-wheeled bike on their own and at a pace they’re comfortable with. Tricycles can easily tip over, causing injuries and being a difficult device to pedal. Bicycles are tall and heavy, being an unstable learning tool for younger riders. The Strider 12 Classic weighs at about 1/3 of what a typical bike would. Additionally, it’s free of cables, pedals, and chains, which can potentially harm the child riding it.

The Strider 12 Classic Makes an Intuitive Learning Experience

A child can easily start learning the riding process by straddling the bike, leaning on its handlebars, and then precede to walk forward with it. When the child is ready, they can simply run forward with the bike, allowing them to gain the speed and momentum required to reach and maintain balance. The child can then lift their feet, gliding freely. The minute a child starts to feel unstable, he or she can easily place both feet on the ground, stopping the bike immediately.


Perfect for Growing Toddlers

When it comes to a toddler, the weight and fit of the bike is crucial. The handlebars and seat are accompanied by a quick release, allowing it to snap its adjustments for an ever-growing toddler. The Strider 12 Classic also has an adjustable seat that starts at a height of 11 inches from the bottom. This provides a low centre of gravity that can give children the ability to manoeuvre the bike and have a fun experience in learning how to balance themselves.

Control is more enhanced with the bike’s handlebar design, which is low and flat. This lets children reach forward rather than up, giving them much better leverage and the ability to manoeuvre without too much hassle. As your child’s confidence grows, they’ll be able to make use of the bike’s integrated footrests, which act like pedals, but without the motion required to move them. If you have a child that’s 3 and a half years or older, Strider highly recommends that you purchase the Extra Long Seat post along with the seat post that’s already included with the Strider 12 Classic. Check Titan Girls Flower Princess BMX Bike

Strider 12 Classic Specifications

  • A great bike that meets all of your child’s needs (from ages 18 months to 5 years old)
  • Assembly is fast and easy, taking less than five minutes to put together, with the tool included
  • Tool is included for easy assembly and adjustment for the height of the seat and handlebars
  • Maintenance-free wheels are lightweight and guaranteed to never go flat
  • The Strider 12 Classic is lightweight, weighing in at about 6 and a half pounds; this makes it an easy toy for you and your child to lift
  • Footrests are built-in, fitted with grip tape so children can easily glide while their feet is up

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Why The Strider 12 Classic is Preferable for Smaller Children:

  • The Strider 12 Classic is labelled as the most highly rated, selling, and recommended balance bike for children in the world
  • Strider provides balance bikes for a starting age that’s at its youngest yet (18 months old); If your child can walk, he or she can definitely ride a strider
  • The seat and handlebar height can easily be adjusted and has the most convenient adjustability out of any balance bikes
  • Strider provides children with the easiest transition process from a balance bike to a pedal bike
  • The Strider 12 Classic model has a mini-set included in the package (suitable for 18 to 36 months). Strider recommends you purchase their additional padded seat that’s built as a longer seat post, which is suitable for children from 36 months to 60 months old

A Bike Fit For Learning Children

It’s never too early to teach your children how to ride a bike! If your children can walk, then they can definitely learn how to ride with Strider. Perfect for children as young as 18 months old, the Strider 12 Classic can be easily assembled and adjusted for your growing child. Give your children a fun and easy way to learn how to balance themselves when it comes to riding a bike. It’s because of Strider’s balance bike design that children can learn about proper riding posture, utilizing frame-integrated footrests to Better learn balance.

Overview Of Strider – 12 Sport No-Pedal Balance Bike

The 12 sport no-pedal balance bike is a trend-setter when it comes to helping kids as young as 18 months ride on two wheels. The lightweight design enables kids to saddle the bike with both feet touching the ground, and drive it forward by running or walking.

This naturally simple method places emphasis on the basics of bike balancing, learning, and manoeuvring without the complications and distractions of training wheels or pedals. The 12 sport no-pedal bike has been proven to promote balance in children with different abilities in a fun and appealing manner.

Strider 12 Classic Features

  • Ages: 18months to 6 years
  • Very lightweight: 3kg
  • No adjustments or tool assembly required
  • Highly durable steel frame
  • Handlebar clamps and quick-release saddle
  • EVA Polymer tires make it puncture-proof
  • Ultralight engineered wheels
  • Premium wheel bearings
  • Maximum weight of the rider: 27kg
  • Safety pad on the mini handlebar
  • Launchpad footrest with grip tape
  • Easy to assemble with the included wrench
  • Available in 7 different colours
  • All weather-proof saddle designed for small children
  • 2-year warranty

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A 12.7mm thick steel handlebar is 42 per cent smaller than the standard handlebar to enable better control with small hands. Custom mini-grips with protective ends are made of soft urethane. An aluminium quick-release enables “No Tools” for height adjustment between 46 and 56 cm.


The 12 sport no-pedal balance bike has ultra-light, exclusive one-piece wheels with five-spoke design and 10 bearing support to cater for maximum strength at the lightest weight. Quality cartridge bearing allows for wheels to roll smoothly without the need for adjustment.


Durable and super light EVA polymer tires offer smooth rides. Most of all, they don’t need to be inflated as they don’t go flat.


All-weather, durable mini-saddle is specifically designed for infantry riders and their small hips. The saddle is narrower, lighter, and smaller than your average standard saddle and it allows for proper posture and riding position. The sports model comes included with an XL saddle for kids above 3 years and allows for height adjustment.

Handlebar and Seat Clamps

A “No Tools” required quick release enables saddle adjustments from 28 to 41cm, making it the best fit for your child.


The bike has frame-integrated footrests which are well positioned below the saddle to enhance natural bike balancing. This positioning also enables the superior ability to stand when gliding, jumping or pumping the bike.

Brake Mounting

The rear brake mounting allows for additional foot-operated braking once kids are proficient at gliding with their feet placed on the footrests. Brakes are sold separately.

The Bike Allows For a Fun and Safe Way to Learn Wheel Balancing

The Strider 12 sport no-pedal balance bike provides children with the opportunity to experience and learn two-wheel biking safely and independently at their own pace. This is quite different to tricycles which tend to tip over, scratch ankles, and at most are difficult to pedal. Bikes with training wheels are taller, heavier, and may not be stable for infantry amateur riders. The Strider 12 sport weighs about a third of the weight of the standard 12-inch bicycle with training wheels, and better yet it doesn’t have any chains, cables, protrusions, pedals and sprockets which can injure your child.

An Instinctive Learning Process

Children start off by straddling on the bike, putting their hands and leaning on the bars, and pushing it forward. After a few trials, and when ready, they can begin running forward, gathering speed and momentum needed for balance. Finally, they can lift their feet from the ground and glide. During the initial stages, and the feeling of instability, children may instinctively place both feet on the ground to secure balance, and make sure there are no “training wheel wobbles” or “tricycle tip-overs” that shed hesitancy, dislike and or fear of riding.

Built Right For Growing Kids

When it comes to growing kids, fit and weight are essential. Quick releases on the seat and handlebar make it easy to adjust for growing children. The adjustable seat starts from a height of 11 inches from the ground, offering a low centre of gravity so that children as young as 12 months can manoeuvre around and learn the fundamentals of balancing. Controls are further improved with a flat and low handlebar design which allows for kids to reach forward than up, for easier manoeuvrability and leverage. And when your child increases in confidence, the integrated footrests by Strider provide a platform to place both feet to rest as they drift along. Note that if your child is 3 years or older, it is recommended to buy the XL seat in addition to the already included seat.

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