Hot Wheels Boys 16-Inch Freestyle BMX Bike

If you are buying your child his first bike or whether he has outgrown his old bike the Hot wheels Bicycle with 16-inch wheels is a great bike for a kid to own. With its cool graphics and cool colours; your child will spend countless hours enjoying this bike.

The bikes graphics include a monster truck on the handlebars, the trade mark “Hot Wheels” logo, and also the number 68 on the body. The bike is mostly black with red highlights and custom colour tire treads. The tires are a black base colour with an orange stripe through the center, the inside wheels are red.

Hot Wheels Bike Description

The Hot Wheels bike is a 1-speed bike that stands 16 inches high. Its solid frame is made of steel and so are the chains and rims. The seat is vinyl and also has a cool design on it. The pedals are plastic; this little sturdy bike has an 81 pound weight limit. The bike itself weighs 24 pounds. This bike is ideally designed for ages 4 to 8 years old. The total dimensions for this bike are 40.0 ” L x 21.0 ” W x 32.0 ” H.

So what makes this bike so great other than the graphic details? This bike features a battery operated rev, so your little boy gets to rev his bike like a motorcycle. Kids love that! When you grip the handles and rev it up, the gauge lights up. For the rev to work you’ll need 3 alkaline LR44 batteries they are included when the bike is purchased new. This bike also features a racing shield with a monster truck on its front.

This little bike is full of features, it also has brakes. There are coaster brakes and a front hand brake. For the new bike rider just learning how to ride there are adjustable training wheels.

Hot Wheels Boys 16-Inch Features


Purchasing a bike is like buying a good investment, you want a bike that will last and hopefully you can pass it along to a sibling. If you are looking for the best bike that’s within your budget, the Hot Wheels boys bike is a great investment for under $100, its economical and stable investment.


Children’s bikes are generally thought to be outgrown in a year or two and for that reason, many of them barely last that long. This bike is made from a solid sturdy steel frame which is built to last.


Some kid’s bikes can weigh as much as an adult bike. Have the right weight balance is very important if you are learning to balance on a bike. Imagine having to balance a bike that can weigh more than half your body weight. At 24 pounds the Hot Wheels by bike is the right proportions for the average 4 to 8-year-old.


Choosing the right size bike is essential if you want a bike that your child can actually enjoy riding. When your child sits on the seat he should be able to comfortably put his feet on the ground. He should not be on his tippy-toes. If so you need to adjust the seat.


Most of the fear of learning to ride a bike is falling. With both coaster breaks and handle brakes you can ensure your child has every precaution necessary to prevent falling, provided that using the brakes is your first lesson. Coaster brakes are engaged by pedaling backwards, whereas handle brakes have a mechanism that your child will squeeze to engage.


This bike is simply design and is only 1 gear. While it’s not equipped for uphill, mountain, or biking trains, this bike is a great starter bike for trekking up and down the street near the house. Bikes with drive trains, shifters, and multiple gears are just not designed for the little tyke in mind. This bike is a simple design that is easy to ride.


Geometry is important for a new rider; it can make or break the riding experience. A bike that is geometrically off will be harder to maneuver. A bike that has a lower center of gravity will be easier to ride, so you want a bike with a longer wheelbase and top tube like the Hot Wheels boys bike, this makes the bike more stable.

Getting the best ride

Your child needs to be able to get off and on his bike easily. You also want to make sure that the bike is easy to ride. Providing the right seat height will ensure that your child has enough leverage on the pedals so they won’t get tired when trying to ride.

The bike is ideal for a child that is between 37 and 57 pounds, on average that is a child that is between 4 and 8 years old. That means that this bike has the potential to last your child three or four years. That is really unheard of when it comes to children’s bikes. Again most children out grow their bike in about a year or two. The great designs on this bike are fun, and really will excite a child from age 4 to 8. Let’s face it children of 4 are not interested in the same things that a child of 8 will be interested in. However monster trucks have a tendency to transcend this age barrier. The rev feature on this bike is a huge plus. Your child will really enjoy this bike!

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