Glide Bikes EZee Glider Kids Balance Bike (12-Inch)

The EZee Glider gives children the confidence to improve their motor skills, coordination, and balance at a pace they’re most comfortable with and they can have fun while doing it! The EZee Glider has no training wheels or petals that can get in the way or cause injuries. This allows children to learn the first most important step when it comes to riding a bike, which is balance.

Children are able to push off with their feet (similar to the motion of running from a seated position), allowing them to learn how to control their balance. Once your child has become more stable, they will then start to glide while their feet is off the ground.

Glide Bikes incorporate what is labelled as a footpeg system, which gives kids a convenient place to rest their feet while they glide. The pegs can easily be locked into place as its a tool-free pin system that can either be installed or removed in under a few seconds.

As your child’s balanced development increases and they begin to glide, both of their feet can be placed on the pegs until they’re comfortable with the natural foot placement of a traditional bicycle.

An additional aspect that’s crucial to learning how to ride a bike is a child’s confidence and building it to its full potential. A main problem with bikes that utilize training wheels is that it lacks control and isn’t very stable. This creates a bigger chance for the bike to tip over. And it makes the child more susceptible to injuries which can take the fun out of riding a bike.

The EZee Glider gives riders a low centre of gravity, increasing stability. The glider is also designed using geometry similar to that of downhill mountain bikes, allowing a balance speed as low as 1 and a half miles per hour. Unlike the traditional kid’s bike, which is heavy when using training wheels, the EZee Glider is built with high-quality materials that are lightweight, which allows kids to easily lift the bike up on their own. This means children won’t be prone to get trapped under their bike if they were to fall unexpectedly. All of these features make the EZee Glider a great learning experience for children.

Why The EZee Glider is Fit for Children

  • The EZee Glider is designed for ages as young as 18 months to as old as 14 years
  • Has the lowest and safest balance speed available due to its downhill mountain bike functionality and its low centre of gravity
  • Quick-release is easy to adjust, allowing a tool-free adjustment for height
  • The EZee Glider’s handbrake is child-sized, making it safe to stop so children can build up confidence as well as their speed.
  • EZee Glider is very affordable (at around $89.99), allowing it to be the perfect option for a birthday present or Christmas gift.

If your child is wanting to learn how to ride a bike, what better way to teach them than with a small and lightweight tool that they can even operate themselves? With Glide Bikes EZee Kids Balance Bike.

If you’re not familiar with what a Glide Bike is, here is exactly how they can benefit your child’s learning abilities when it comes to riding a bike.

Glide Bikes – What They Are

Starting over eight years ago, Glide Bikes began their production with a single goal: helping people learn how to ride a bike. Glide Bikes strive to ensure that learners around the world are inspired to use their products, creating an easier transition to a traditional bike for beginners.

Balance bikes prepare you for the challenge of learning balance, as it’s designed to sit low and near the ground to give a low-speed geometry all the while avoiding the use of pedals and chains. Glide Bikes are designed to be an easy setup for anyone, giving you the best possible learning experience with the confidence to achieve much more without being too time-consuming or frustrating.

Glide Bikes are designed to be a suitable learning tool for children comfortable at any pace. The bike is very capable of balancing at slower speeds, giving children a familiar feeling of balance at an early stage of their life. Glide bikes continuously give kids the confidence to learn how to ride a bike and spend less time with their feet being planted on the ground and spending more of that time learning balance.

Glide bikes are specifically designed to give kids the ability to be seated and plant their feet on the ground whenever they feel the need to. Their feet operates as the main force as well as the brakes of the bike. Running forward with the bike generates the required momentum that’s needed for kids to experiment with, and learn, balance. And, if at any time, a child begins to feel uncomfortable with the bike or begins to fall, he or she can easily place both feet on the ground, preventing them from falling over.

Safe and lightweight, glide bikes weigh in at around 8 to 10 pounds. This means that children will be able to easily handle and manipulate the glide bike without worrying about it being too heavy to operate. A glide bike has a patented low-speed function design, allowing children to balance at speeds as slow as 2 miles per hour.

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